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Moms don’t like bad habits.

Single-use Styrofoam seemed like a good idea, but now it is just another bad habit like chewing with your mouth open, leaving the water running while brushing or leaving the light on when you leave a room. Most Mom’s hate waste! Each of these practices forces Mom to relentlessly nag no matter how old the child.  No matter how much we want to fight it, deep down we know Mom is right. Like Mom, Styrofoam® will persist. Most people use Styrofoam® once and then within minutes it’s out of sight, out of mind. But, wait a minute kids and adults, Styrofoam® does just go away! I hear you, why not just stop using it, right?  Well not so fast, replacing one item that is recycleable, for another that has it’s own health and disposal concerns is like switching from chewing gum to tobacco.  As Mom says, “few problems are created over night and learning takes effort and time.”  Well, it’s time we all make the effort.

Styrofoam Mom wants to find the right answers.

We are filming the world’s first ever documentary devoted to this issue. Who knows, perhaps we can get to a solution without banning Styrofoam or ignoring the problem. If we can provide information and discussion that will lead to and end of the current business of dead end polystyrene that would be amazing.  Perhaps we can create a  new future where Styrofoam is a valued recyclable resource, much like cardboard and tin. The savings wrapped up in the solution include the material cost to produced Styrofoam, the energy cost to contain Styrofoam, and the environmental impact of ignoring the problem. The investment is as simple as stewardship and education, so we can do this! However, until then StyrofoamMom.com will continue to reinforce good practices for the responsible use of Styrofoam which truly reflect the original values that made our country great.

We welcome you to join us on this journey. We also encourage you to take every opportunity to speak up when you see Styrofoam® litter. We expect this endeavor to be a lot of fun and hope to keep things light like foam, but you can be certain of one thing — this is no laughing matter. If we continue to place zero value on items that cost our county as much as products like single-use Styrofoam does, we will, as our moms have always warned us, “we’ll get exactly what we deserve.” In this case, it may be much more then anyone could have predicted.

Bonus: Mom might learn something too.