City of Baltimore bans single-use EPS

Enacted – signed by Mayor on April 23, 2018 a ban on single-use Styrofoam® . Maryland moves forward with the difficult goal of a statewide ban. “A proposal to make Maryland the first state to ban polystyrene foam is facing rejection” By Scott Dance Baltimore Sun March 13, 2018  For more information: STATE – MARYLAND (Legislative) The […] more

GMU Students sneak peek at StyrofoamMom

  Here are a few reaction by those who attended: Inspirational personal story of how one person can make a difference.  Follows the journey from a styrofoam tray in public schools to running for office, hosting an environmental television segment, and speaking to elected officials to promote a solution to disposing of expanded polystyrene.  – Kirit […] more

StyrofoamMom Emerges from the Lab thanks to PEDC & LERCPA

StyrofoamMom recently paused her documentary editing and hit the pavement promoting the StyrofoamMom movie trailer. She attended the PEDC vs NY Pitch night to find the next best energy and sustainability start-up.  Companies were competing for attention and funding. 4 teams from Potential Energy DC PEDC and 4 from Urban Future Labs. To say that […] more

StyrofoamMom Movie Trailer

  If you care please watch and share StyrofoamMom Trailer special thanks to: Shamiso Mapondera Corwin Roncace Edward Koschmider Heff Munson Kat Thorpe Zak Sheats Kimberly Phillips Patrick McCleary Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga Conor Douglass Jamie Nicholas Arlington Weekly News Team     more


STYROFOAMMOM JOINS SUSTAINABILITY LEADERS AT THE DC GREEN FESTIVAL® EXPO 2017 Sustainability leader and activist, Miriam Gennari a.k.a. StyrofoamMom, will be speaking to attendees as well as co-hosting WERA.FM 96.7’s   The Green & Sexy Radio Show booth at the DC Convention Center May 13-14 D.C. Green Festival Expo 2017 May 13 – Saturday: 10am – […] more

Maryland Wants to Ban Polystyrene

January 31, 2017 Today Maryland’s Environmental and Education committee’s heard testimony on the “Polystyrene Food Service Products and Loose Fill Packaging Prohibition,” or SB 186. If passed, it would be the country’s first statewide ban of Styrofoam food and loose peanuts of it kind. SB186 Written and introduced by Sen. Cheryl Kagan of Maryland District […] more

Chick-fil-A Is Recycling Styrofoam Cups

stack of styrofoam cups

In 2014, one of many restaurant chains known to use Styrofoam cups released a video that really excited me.The video follows the life span of a Styrofoam cup used and discarded at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. The cup is collected and combined with hundreds of other cups, separated from the their top and straw, and then […] more

StyrofoamMom Update

April, 14, 2016 DC Ban on Single Use Styrofoam in now fully executed. According to the fact sheet from DC Government about its ban of Styrofoam food containers.  It indicates that alternative containers are available at comparable prices and styrofoam food containers are a leading waste product floating in the Anacostia  River. See the DISTRICT […] more

Event Update: The Maker Economy And Local Manufacturing in the DC Metro Region

April 14, 2016 Crystal City’s TechShop, Leader’s in Energy and Arlington Green are hosting a presentation and project display for makers and people interested in the “Maker “ Movement”. Two local businesses, and Miriam Gennari, our own StyrofoamMom  will speak about about her “ TechShop dream” of building an EPS recycling machine. Afterwards, TechShop members will be available […] more

Thanks Wheels for Wishes

  Wheels for Wishes a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who could really use the blessing of a wish during a difficult time in their lives. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children facing life-threatening medical conditions. They also look at the environmental issues facing the world today that affect all of our health. In doing […] more

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