StyrofoamMom Update

April, 14, 2016 DC Ban on Single Use Styrofoam in now fully executed. According to the fact sheet from DC Government about its ban of Styrofoam food containers.  It indicates that alternative containers are available at comparable prices and styrofoam food containers are a leading waste product floating in the Anacostia  River. See the DISTRICT […] more

Event Update: The Maker Economy And Local Manufacturing in the DC Metro Region

April 14, 2016 Crystal City’s TechShop, Leader’s in Energy and Arlington Green are hosting a presentation and project display for makers and people interested in the “Maker “ Movement”. Two local businesses, and Miriam Gennari, our own StyrofoamMom  will speak about about her “ TechShop dream” of building an EPS recycling machine. Afterwards, TechShop members will be available […] more

Thanks Wheels for Wishes

  Wheels for Wishes a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children who could really use the blessing of a wish during a difficult time in their lives. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children facing life-threatening medical conditions. They also look at the environmental issues facing the world today that affect all of our health. In doing […] more

What not to do with Styrofoam.

  Covanta Interview Waste Delta Energy youtube Covanta Interview Waste Delta Energy vimeo   more

Montgomery Co Bans Styrofoam

Saving the Chesapeake Bay one cup and container at a time.  Read all about it. Washington Post WTOP Bethesda Now more

Single Use Styrofoam Banned in New York

                                    I applaude this important step, and eagerly await the development of  a viable closed loop supply chain for effiicent sustainable recycling of all the bulk EPS/Styrofoam/#6 discarded daily. New York officially banned those plastic foam food containers […] more

Holiday Food and Beverage Drinkers


Review of the Styrene Assessment in the National Toxicology Program 12th Report on Carcinogens ( 2014 )

We are committed to giving you the most accurate and well reseached information about single-use polystyrene and the ways humans and the enviroment encounter the substance. Here is a link to the most recent peer reviewed research available on styrene. We applaud the National Acedemy of Science  for it commitment to public safety. We […] more

Bar of Single-Use Styrofoam coming to DC

Single-Use Styrofoam

The Washington, DC mayor, Vincent Gray stands firm in his commitment to bar single-use styrofoam in the hospitality industry and other businesses where such products are being used. To date, many large and coastal cities are getting it. The truth is it is not healthy for humans to consume styrofoam. Not in the air […] more

2013 Potomac Watershed Trash Summit

University of the District of Columbia's newly installed cistern.

  The 8th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit happened on October 18th, 2013 at the University of District of Columbia. The event commenced with the attendees taking field trips to different area locations for some exciting hands-on experiences. The concept of  trash free adventures sounded interesting. Like many of the attendees, I found myself torn […] more

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