Recent Styrofoam News

New York City, NY This past February, New York City Mayor Bloomberg made statements about his proposed plan to ban styrofoam in stores and restaurants. In his address to the cityBloomberg stated, “ Styrofoam increases the cost of recycling by as much as $20 per ton because it has to be removed. Something we know […] more

Could Styrofoam Cause Cancer

ABC News asks the Quesiton more

Styrofoam Mom loves Sedgwick

We are certainly very impressed to see leading lady Kyra Sedgwick the “Closer” talking closed loop recycling. In her interview MSNBC Tuesday March 27th “Morning Joe” , Sedgewick’s most powerful statements are the simplest ones. “Using once and disposing of is just waste.” Admitting to be a little obsessed (we know the type) the self […] more

We are getting there

Recycling in an Arlington eatery’s compost bin can really bring you down, until your realize what a big step it is to have that compost bin there in the first place. Composting is a sign of advanced higher thinking. If a company is ready to compost, that mean they already get the recycling thing and […] more

Nottingham Planet Partner’s Video wins Earth Charter International’s Contest!

Student members of Nottingham Elementary’s Planet Partners group worked with some dedicated parents to create a wonderful video, “It Starts With One.” The video highlights conservation, sustainability, and social justice and won Earth Charter International’s recent contest! Congrats to the Planet Partners! You can find more information about Earth Charter and the contest here. Watch […] more

Enough with the Styrofoam, already!

  Our everyday efforts are the example that others will follow. We did it once when we eliminated single use styrofoam trays from Arlington Public School cafeterias, now lets clean up the whole place setting for Arlington dining. Contact County Board Member Jay Fisette at   more

Schools Go Green in Northern Virginia

Jessica Haney, mother/reporter with children in Arlington Public Schools, is the first to break a story that will transform Arlington County as it relates to Environmental Leadership: Schools Go Green in Northern Virginia If you’re looking to go green in Northern Virginia schools, this is an exciting time. Last night, Arlington Public Schools held the […] more

Waiting on Mayor’s approval — Plastic bags banned in Seattle!

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a broad ban on plastic bags Monday, outlawing them not just in grocery stores, but in department stores, clothing stores, convenience stores, home-improvement stores, food trucks and farmers markets. Bill now goes to mayor for hopeful approval. Read more… more

Helpful Styrofoam Facts

EPA: Each year American throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups. Even 500 years from now, the foam coffee cup you used this morning will be sitting in a landfill. EPA Last updated on October 7, 2011 Clean Air Council: The average American office worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year. Ecoprenuerist Styrofoam – […] more

StyrofoamMom Supports the Trolley

Discussions have begun among activists to support the Columbia Pike trolley, provided it allows county staff, police, fire and teachers to ride for free. More details soon… more

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